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At PEMI Corporation, we want to leave a footprint too. But not an ecological one. Our aim in the area of ecology and environment protection is to inspire other companies to use renewable energy resources. You may say that this is not an easy task and that implementation of projects which do not threaten quality of life is a lengthy and irreversible process.

One of our successful projects is a solar power station which not only covers our company’s energy consumption, but also produces much more, and therefore we supply it to the public grid. Among our other projects is a small wind power station. As PEMI Corporation’s premises are situated in a large and open area, we decided to use its potential. It was not long before positive results came.

We are also dedicated to supporting ambitious projects which endorse our green ideology. If you have an interesting idea for using renewable resources or removing the negative impact of human activity, we will be glad to take part in its implementation in the role of investors if it is successful in our assessment.

„Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.“Francis Bacon

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