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We are the largest company in Slovakia in the area of import and distribution of non-woven textiles of the SPUNBOND type. These unique materials are not manufactured here. Non-woven textiles from polypropylene of the SPUNBOND type are produced by means of thermal reinforcement of continuous filament yarns. Handling the textile in further processing is simple – it possible to weld it, stitch it up, or even print patterns or logos on it. The edges are finished and do not require further treatment. The textiles can be washed, cleaned, or even ironed (using steam).

If clients wish, we can provide non-permeability of the material to various liquids and gases. A big advantage of these textiles is that they are anti-allergenic, non-toxic, and can be washed even in petrol. They are highly resistant, even to acids. They are soft and have the required translucence.

It is possible to combine them with other flat materials and foils. The textile can be made white, but also coloured, hydrophobic or hydrophilic, calendered or non-calendered. It is even possible to give it a long-term electrostatic charge. The possibilities and variations on the properties of non-woven textiles are only limited by your requirements for specific use.

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Technical non-woven textiles

We decided to give a few examples of non-woven textiles applications. People encounter them a few times every day, even though they often do not realise this fact.

In the case of technical non-woven textiles, there is a wide range of applications, especially in the automotive industry, where they are used as packaging materials, special clothing for clean environments, but also as sub-layer materials in manufacturing seats and covers.

However, they have extensive applications in all branches of industry. In a common household, you can find them in almost every seating set as sub-layer materials for upholstery, then in table cloths, matresses, pillows, but also roof foils.

Perhaps their widest range of applications is in hygiene, medicine and cosmetics. Products such as women’s hygiene products, nappies for babies and adults, face veils, surgery and massage table covers are made from non-woven textiles. Non-woven textiles are nowadays an inseparable part of our life. This is also why we consider their import to Slovakia extremely important.

Agricultural non-woven textiles

A separate chapter in non-woven textiles applications is agriculture. Two basic types of non-woven textiles are used in agriculture. The first type are mulching ones, in white, brown or combined black and white on rare occasions, which prevent growth of weeds around crops. At the same time, they form a suitable microclimate for the root system and hold moisture. The second type are covering ones, acting as protection against frost and pests, and create the right microclimate similar to the one in greenhouses and plastic greenhouses. Their advantage, however, is that they differ from greenhouses and plastic greenhouses in that they are permeable to natural moisture caused by rain. Both types significantly speed up growth and prosperity of planted crops.