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A few words about our company

PEMI Corporation operates in the areas of foreign business activities and investment.

One of the company’s activities is import and distribution of non-woven textiles of the spunbond type with applications in all branches of industry, such as automotive, furniture, construction, or even medicine and agriculture. PEMI Corporation is currently the largest importer and distributor of these materials in Slovakia.


LamiCoat textiles is our subsidiary operating under the SOFAL brand on the Slovak market and abroad. It develops, manufactures and processes composite materials for all industries. The company is located in the village of Veľké Ripňany.

PEMI Corporation is also the founder and co-owner of JIT Plastic , a company in Nové Mesto nad Váhom.

It is actively dedicated to its own energy projects, operating its own solar and wind power station with a total installed capacity of 59.6 kW.

who are we?

A small company with a wide scope of activities and big goals. We are never satisfied with incomplete work and are not deterred by unexpected falls and failures. We always try to move forward and improve the portfolio of our work.

more about our work

We believe in the idea that being interested in more industries provides more experience and a broader perspecitve. This is also why our company is dedicated to several activities. We are a proof that it is possible to work on everything that makes sense.

our mission

There are very few companies which, alongside profit and success, care about the environmental impact on our planet. We decided to go in a different direction. We try to clear our activities of a negative impact on the environment and contribute to protecting the Earth.

why us?

Besides the intentions mentioned above, our priority is fair work and a satisfied customer. The number of our clients speaks for us. Become part of innovative processes and modern services too.